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Release Date:
Rating: 7.9
Directed by
Makoto Shinkai
Written by
Makoto Shinkai, James Vanderbilt
Based on
Sairi Itô, Kotone Hanase, Kana Hanazawa, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Ann Yamane, Akari Miura, Mezi Atwood, Nanoka Hara, Hokuto Matsumura, Eri Fukatsu, Kôshirô Matsumoto, Shôta Sometani
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Aniplex, CoMix Wave Films, East Japan Marketing & Communications Inc.
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

Makoto Shinkai's Suzume (Suzume no Tojimari) has grossed more than 13.4 billion yen (approximately 101 million euros) and has sold more than 10 million tickets in its 87 days in theaters in Japan. The animated film Suzume has been ranked the third highest grossing film among Shinkai's works.

How to watch Suzume no tojimari (2023) Full Movie Suzume no tojimari based road story-anime.

Shinkai is directing the film and writing the script. Masayoshi Tanaka has been in charge of the character designs. Kenichi Tsuchiya (Garden of Words) is the animation director. Takumi Tanji art director with animation production at CoMix Wave Films.

Shinkai stated that three important points about the film are that it is a road movie through Japan, a story about 'closing doors' instead of opening them, and a reason to visit the theater. He explained that closing doors can refer to tying up loose ends or finishing something.

Suzume was released in Japanese theaters on November 11, and Crunchyroll opens the animated film on April 14 in theaters.

"I want to entertain audiences with this movie. From the beginning, my goal was to reach a larger number of people. A large audience."

With those words, Makoto Shinkai celebrated his arrival at the Berlinale with his most recent film, "Suzume" (Suzume no Tojimari).

Who are the Suzume no tojimari?

In statements collected by Deadline, the director of "your name." and "Weathering With You" maintained that its mission is "to entertain the audience. Even if, for example, this film had not been screened at any festival, I don't think it would have been so bad because what I wanted was for many young people to see this movie".

For the first time in two decades, a Japanese animated film is part of the festival's official competition after Hayao Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" won the Golden Bear in 2002, sharing the top honor with "Bloody Sunday."

"I had just started my career as an animation director, and that's when Mr. Hayao got the Golden Bear. It's hard to believe that I'm sitting here now," he admitted.

Noting the high prices of theater tickets in Japan, the award-winning director wanted to make sure "that the film was entertaining so no one would regret spending so much money to go to the movies. That was important to me."

Where to Watch Suzume no tojimari? (2023) Full Movie For Free

This Saturday, the international jury of the Berlinale, chaired by the American actress Kristen Stewart, will announce the official awards of the 73rd edition of the festival.

It has been a huge success in Japan breaking records with its box office, and it is normal because the new Makoto Shinkai movie was destined to be a hit.

It's not easy to step out of the shadow of 'Your Name', but 'Suzume' ('Suzume no Tojimari') has earned its hand as one of the most anticipated films of the year and will even be competing at the Berlin Film Festival. And after this international premiere in style, we already know when we will be able to see it in Spain.

We already had a release date in some countries but several still remain to be confirmed on the list, although we can now definitely point out on our calendars that 'Suzume' opens in Spain on April 14.

Where to Watch Suzume no tojimari?

Suzume no tojimari follows Suzume, who opens a mysterious door in the middle of some ruins and all kinds of disasters begin to occur throughout Japan. To prevent further tragedies from occurring, Suzume must embark on a journey and close all doors.

The new film by Makoto Shinkai, director of Your Name or Time with you, Suzume no Tojimari opens in theaters in Japan on November 11, so it is not surprising that little by little details of what can easily be the anime movie of the year.

With Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment having licensed the film to release it worldwide in early 2023, they have revealed new details of what would be its English title Suzume Locking Up the Door.

We already know the names and descriptions of those who would be the protagonists of this long-awaited film and of those who we have already been able to see in the two previews that have been released:

Can you watch Suzume no tojimari online?

She often has strange dreams in which she wanders the grassy plains among great ruins as far as she can see.

-Souta Munakata: A young boy who travels through Japan in search of open doors that bring disaster to his environment. He one day meets Suzume while he is heading to some ruins that contain a door.

-Suzume's chair: A children's chair that Suzume used when he was younger and it is missing a leg. After a certain 'incident', he comes to life roaming the world on his three legs.

Suzume no Tojimari revolves around Suzume, a girl who meets a young man one day who tells her that she is looking for a door. Suzume finds her in the middle of some ruins as if she were protected from any catastrophe that might happen. Seemingly mesmerized by her power, she Suzume reaches for the knob, causing doors across Japan to open, unleashing destruction on anyone near her.

When Is Suzume no tojimari's Release Date?

The release date for Suzume no tojimari has been set for April 14, 2022

Remember that the film will be released in Japan on November 11, while in other countries around the world it will be released in early 2023. In Spain, the release date has not yet been confirmed.

Makoto Shinkai's career as a film director does not stop growing and adding successes. The Japanese author of works such as The Garden of Words, Journey to Agartha, Your Name and Time With You, is succeeding with his new film: Suzume no Tojimari, whose name in the rest of the world will be Suzume, just plain. It has become the tenth highest grossing film in the history of Japan, surpassing none other than The Wind Rises by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli). In addition, it was also the third with the best premiere in 2022.

Suzume, the girl who stars in the movie, is the cornerstone of the story. Her and the mysterious door that she finds in the middle of what looks like a huge puddle. Something that probably shouldn't be there, although it doesn't seem to bother him, since he doesn't hesitate to go after it.

Release date of Suzume in Spain, Latin America and the United States

We already know the exact day on which we will be able to see it and we will not have to wait too long, since it is official that it will do so during April 2023, according to the latest news shared by Crunchyroll, the platform specialized in anime in which it will be issued. Of course, it will not do it simultaneously for all countries, therefore the date varies a little in each territory.

As you can see, the release date is yet to be determined in some countries including US, but taking into account that in the rest there is barely a 24-hour difference, everything indicates that we will only have to wait a few days.

"Suzume" or "Suzume no Tojimari", by the great Makoto Shinkai, already has a release date in theaters in Mexico, Brazil, the United States and other territories.

This coming-of-age anime follows Suzume, a 17-year-old girl who, along with a mysterious man, tries to prevent a series of disasters across Japan. According to Crunchyroll, Suzume's adventure is a "ray of hope that falls on our own struggles against the more difficult paths of anxiety and the limitations that make up everyday life."

Who is in the Suzume no tojimari cast? in Australia?

The premiere date of "Suzume" in Mexico will be April 13, 2023. That same day it will reach Brazil, Germany and Australia. On April 14 it opens in theaters in the United States and Canada, as well as European territories such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria and Ireland.

Update: Like Mexico and Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Central America, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela will have the premiere of "Suzume" on April 13. In Colombia, the premiere will be on April 20.

The film opened in Japan in November and as of this writing it has accumulated nearly 8 billion yen (about $55 million USD). Asian critics have praised “Suzume” in particular for its mature story, story, animation, and characters, but warn that the ending could be divisive.

The voice cast of “Suzume” is made up of Nanoka Hara; SixTONES singer Hokuto Matsumara (“Liar × Liar”); Eri Fukatsu (“Villain”); Kana Hanazawa (“Tokyo Ghoul”), among others. In addition, Makoto Shinkai teamed up with his well-known team of artists: music was provided by Radwimps, character design was handled by Masayoshi Tanaka, and animation direction by Kenichi Tsuchiya.

Will Suzume no tojimari be on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, or Amazon?

“Weathering With You,” Makoto Shinkai's previous film (which you can watch on Prime Video, by the way) earned more than $190 million at the worldwide box office and was Japan's selection for the Best International Film Oscar.

With the premiere of "Suzume" in U.S in April, we will finally be able to see with our own eyes if everything that is said in Japan about this long-awaited anime film is true. Will it be the best in Shinkai's filmography?

Makoto Shinkai is currently one of the most prestigious directors in the Japanese film industry. He has been working as a director for more than 25 years, although his peak of influence came in 2016, when he released Kimi no na Wa (Your name), a film that catapulted him to world fame and led him to garner more than 10 international awards. His next creation, Tenki no Ko (Time With You) was even nominated for an Oscar, which shows how far his reputation has reached. And his latest work, Suzume no Tojimari (The Weather Girl), has once again had an excellent reception in Japan, waiting to reach the rest of the planet.

The premiere in the Japanese country took place at the end of November, in which it sold more than 1.08 million tickets, figures that multiply those obtained by its two previous works. For the cinemas of the rest of the countries, we will have to wait a little longer, although not too much, since it will be available in early 2023.

Where can you watch Suzume no tojimari?

Shinkai has become the most successful director since Hayao Miyazaki a few years ago, a compliment that other greats also sought, such as Naoko Yamada (K-ON!, Koe no Katachi) and Mamoru Hosoda (Mirai, My Little Sister, The Girl Who jumped through time). His films are characterized by very powerful photorealistic visuals, by very colorful settings that are striking at first sight, by magical plots that connect with very human emotions and, of course, by their soundtrack. And for the peace of mind of all the director's followers: for this film he will also have RADWIMOP, as he already did in Kimi no na Wa and Tenki no Ko.

If you do not plan to miss the film, we leave you with all the relevant information that we know so far about it.

At the moment, we do not have a fixed release date for the film, but most likely it will be between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, that is, between February and March. The distribution in Spain and Latin America will be carried out by Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment, although it is possible that the arrival in each country corresponds to different dates.

Suzume no Tojimari's Plot

Suzume is a 17-year-old girl who lives in a township in rural Japan. One day, she meets a mysterious boy, Sota Munakata, who asks her to help him find a door. When she is found in the middle of some mountains as if she were a lone survivor of a catastrophe, they discover that she takes you to a completely different dimension and that, after opening it, she seems to activate a curse.

Since that day, events and disasters have not stopped happening around similar doors that arise in an unknown way. It will be these two characters who have to find them all and close them to avoid a greater evil. And all, in an atmosphere with obvious post-apocalyptic overtones. Despite taking place in a fictional world, the theme of the film is very mundane: closing doors on our past to prevent it from destabilizing our present as well as our inability to control the things that happen around us.

Confirmed voice actors in Suzume no Tojimari

Shinkai's film will feature several of the most recognized voices of the moment, such as Nanoka Hara (Why don't you play in hell?), who will play Suzume, or Hokuto Matsumara (XxxHolic), who will play Sota Munakata. Joining them will also be Eri Fukatsu (Bayside Shakedown, Parasyte), Koshiro Matsumoto (13 Assassins) and Shota Sometani (Belle, Parasyte).

And assuming that Jujutsu Kaizen 0 and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero were dubbed in Spanish, it is possible that this film will also do so, although the cast is completely unknown.

Is Suzume no Tojimari connected to Kimi no na Wa?

The director's two previous films were set in the same narrative universe, as various characters were seen to appear in both films. But beyond this brief connection there will be nothing that links one film to the other. The same will happen this time: they will be in the same world, there will be references to them, but they will not share much else (except for some dubbing actors).

Suzume no Tojimari is the new film by Makoto Shinkai, the popular writer, cartoonist, and film director responsible for such acclaimed works as The Garden of Words, 5 cm per among other. It is the seventh feature film from the Japanese and promises to be as ambitious as the last ones. How could it be otherwise, once again we will be transported to a world where reality and fantasy go hand in hand. You can enjoy the first trailer in the header on these lines.

Suzume no Tojimari: what is it about?

The story centers on Suzume, a 17-year-old girl who lives in Kyushu, in southwestern Japan. In the trailer we can see Suzume running into a mysterious person who, as soon as she turns around, has already disappeared. Shortly after, passing through what looks like abandoned ruins, she finds herself in front of a door in the middle of a huge puddle. Without thinking twice, her curiosity urges him to open it, something that doesn't seem like a good idea. She remains to see if someone or something was waiting behind said door, although it is evident that something changes in Suzume's reality at the precise moment in which she decides to cross it.

Netflix bets very strongly on anime

With 40 anime titles scheduled to premiere on the popular streaming platform in 2022, fans of this type of content are in luck. Kohei Obara, creative director of anime at Netflix, explained in early April that "anime is one of the main pillars of our investment in Japan, almost 90% of our members have seen it last year." Obara is clear that interest in anime "has grown worldwide", ensuring that "more than half" of the platform's subscribers consumed it during the past year.

Suzume No Tojimari, the new and long-awaited film by Makoto Shinkai, has more than assured its arrival in international theaters, but now the final date for its debut in Chile has been revealed.

This after last May, at the Cannes Film Festival, Crunchyroll acquired the global distribution and marketing rights (excluding Asia) from TOHO for the film by the renowned director.

Suzume No Tojimari opened in theaters in Japan on November 11, bursting the box office, reaching more than 5.6 million tickets sold.

When is the Suzume No Tojimari movie coming out?

Although Crunchyroll had saved the release date, the revelation of the release schedule of the Chilean distributor Andes Films set the debut of the anime film for next Thursday, April 20.

When will Suzume no tojimari be available on Peacock?

Suzume, a teenager, comes across a mysterious young man who is looking for a door. When the young woman opens a strange door in the middle of some ruins, all kinds of disasters and tragedies begin to unleash throughout Japan, with which Suzume intends to close all doors to prevent more misfortunes from happening.

What other release dates are there for Suzume No Tojimari?

Other confirmed release dates so far by Crunchyroll are:

Suzume no tojimari will be in US cinemas on April 3, 2023.

April 12 in France and Malta

April 14 in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Gibraltar, Ireland, Luxembourg, UK and USA.

The influence that Japanese animation has had over the last decade in terms of consumer formats and even in aesthetic fields is undeniable, although in the latter area it has always been present, becoming more palpable thanks to the advantages of the speed with which it runs. the information at present. Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, Satoshi Kon or Hideaki Anno himself, are just some of the figures who have been in charge of raising the standards of contemporary Japanese animated cinematography, and among whom we cannot forget a name that has made its way with his luminous (visually speaking) and painful stories: Makoto Shinkai.

During 2023, the film Suzume no Tojimari, Shinkai's most recent work, will arrive in Mexico, with which expectations grow as the date of its premiere approaches. It is clear that the popularity of this director did not come for free, and it was thanks to Kimi no Na wa (Your name, 2016), his most popular and global film, that he became a director to follow; However, we cannot forget the film with which he managed to enter the animation industry by leaps and bounds, his second feature film Byōsoku Go Senchimētoru or better known as Five Centimeters Per Second (2007).

Can I stream Suzume no tojimari on Amazon Prime Video?

There is no confirmation whether Suzume no tojimari will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Originally released on March 3, 2007 in Japan, this feature film recently toured several theaters in the Mexican Republic and some in Latin America thanks to Cinépolis and Anifest, with the purpose of preparing those fans of films such as Viaje a Agartha (2011) or El time with you (2019) for the arrival of the new production of its director.

Takaki and Akari are two friends who shared part of their childhood, who had to separate for family reasons. The bonds created in their childhood along with a strong and magnetic bond will keep this couple nostalgic and lonely, who seem destined only to remember that past in which they were happy, hoping to create a future together that seems to dissolve at the speed of a flower.

Even after almost 16 years of its premiere, this work became an obligatory work to analyze the new scope of Japanese animation, as well as discourses on couple relationships that adapt to times where everything seems to end as quickly as it begins. . Through colorful landscapes, Shinkai builds an environment conducive to the fruit of love growing freely, but it is here where the sweetened plot loses its metaphorical shine, and we realize that time and distance are essential elements for what we they want to tell, something that is usually inevitable: "Not all of us are destined to be linked forever."

How can I watch Suzume no tojimari online?

Suzume no tojimari is currently not available for streaming online. You can watch it in theaters on its release date or rent/purchase it on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video iTunes, Google Play.

Feelings freeze while the cherry blossoms cease to fall, the snow covers our protagonists, as a warning mechanism about what is about to happen, and it is that intuition is clear in Takaki and Akari in relation to their future. which they reluctantly fight to maintain, but which seems to drift apart as time progresses, like their lives.

This cinematographic triptych by the Japanese filmmaker seems to be divided into the harvest of love, the growth of loneliness in the face of emotional distance and the acceptance of reality, proposing a melancholic exercise on the limits of our dependence on another human being, surrounded by images that overflow beauty, trying to make the outcome of the story less cruel.

How to forget? When do we have to get rid of those chains that bind us to the past? How long must we endure the departure of what made us happy? With simple but extremely important unknowns, the director takes us to a land where he invites us to travel with his protagonists, and in this way he allows us to draw our own conclusions about love, life and what makes us unique.

Looks full of hope, natures that complement the feelings of his characters, as well as the subtlety of words, are themes that we can find in Shinkai's filmography, concerns that, although they are constant, their metaphorical packaging is different and unique.

7 9 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 6.5

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